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March Dates #4

Isabel side note: These are Sam and Luke's last dates!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm so sad to see them go! They have been incredible Date-a-Weekers. They jumped into Date-a-Week with excitement and confidence and I couldn't be more grateful for their contributions. Both of their instagrams have been tagged on the Date a Week LA instagram, so if you want to follow their journeys, be sure to follow them. Also, give Luke's episode of Date a Week the Podcast a listen!

Sam's Date #4

Key Takeaways: Awkward and amazing


Name: McConaughey- again!

Length of date: 8 hours...

How the date was obtained: Same guy from hinge!

Where: Wasatch Brewery

You're probably wondering how awkward and amazing go together in a date setting? Let me explain. Picture this, you're on a third date with a guy you really like, and guess who is sitting across from you at the shared table... your heartache ex-boyfriend of 2 years. Lovely, right? Anyways, to back track, McConaughey asked me out for a third date! Exciting news. So, we go to dinner, and we sit at a table, which is one of those shared, family style tables, and start enjoying our food and drinks. Then, 10 minutes into our date, I see someone wave at me from the corner of my eye, and just my luck, it was my ex-boyfriend. He continues to sit down RIGHT across from me, and his roommates sit directly next to me. Immediately I shook my head and rest my hand on my forehead in shock and disbelief. We're good friends and there are no hard feelings, but it's not ideal to have your ex crashing your date, right? I obviously say “hi” and give all of them a hug, and my ex (like the kind man he is), gets up and shakes my dates hand and introduces himself. To say it was awkward was an understatement. The date goes on and I'm trying to focus on my conversation and time with McConaughey, but I can't help but look over my shoulder ever so often to see my ex watching me flirt. I secretly explained the situation to my date, and after that, he kept his arm around me the whole time. Could've been a power move.. and if so, I'm into it. Regardless of my ex sharing leg room with me the whole date, I had a great time with McConaughey. We had in-depth conversations and got to a new level of our relationship. An hour or so later, dinner was finally over. Not saying I wanted to spend less time with my date, but it was awkward trying to have good conversations with McConaughey while being brought into reminiscing about old times with my ex and his roommates. Just my luck, LOL. After the date, we went back to his house to hang out. Maybe it was the moscow mule talking, but I didn't want the date to end! We hung out all night and kept talking in his room and got much closer emotionally! I was so happy, and having the best time. Needless to say, no matter how awkward the date was, I think I have a good thing going with this guy.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… hanging out again today!

Next Week: At this rate... probably him again! Not disappointed by any means :)

Luke's Date #4

Key Takeaways: Covid and Ex’s are lame (am I the first one to say this?)


Name: Shoshanna because she looked and talked exactly like that character from the HBO series “girls”

Length of date: 3 hours

How the date was obtained: Tinder

Where: Shoshanna’s roof

This was only the third time in my one-year and three-month tinder career that I’ve obtained a date from the app. I matched with Shoshanna on Monday and after a little bit of small talk, I asked her if she’d want to grab a drink with me. She said she wasn’t sure because she’s paranoid of covid and doesn’t feel comfortable going to a restaurant which I completely understand. After telling her I already had covid and therefore had the antibodies and also had the first dose of the vaccine, she agreed to meet up. The only catch was we had to hangout on her roof. I showed up to her house around 6PM on Friday to find she already had a table and two chairs set up on her roof for our date. I thought it was sweet that she went to the trouble to set it up for us, but it was very cold and windy on the roof and I only wore my thin sweatshirt. After realizing I was shivering, she let me borrow her brother’s snow jacket. I’m born and raised in L.A. so even 60 degrees is cold for me. Ok? So leave me alone! She then went inside and prepared us a Trader Joe’s microwaveable pad Thai dinner. It was really good because let’s be honest, Trader Joe’s doesn’t miss. We then talked a little about life and general topics. We also drank a few June Shine’s so we were buzzed and also very caffeinated. We started to open up a bit more after feeling that energetic buzz and began to talk about what we each were expecting to get out of tinder and the conversation started to get deeper. But then the whole date shifted when about halfway through the meal her Ex accidentally butt dialed her. It only rang for a few seconds but that was enough for her. She started to have a full blown anxiety attack. Now I know what it’s like to have anxiety. I’ve had a few very severe attacks myself and am currently on Lexapro to combat this. I also had an ex-girlfriend who would have anxiety attacks so I knew exactly what to do to calm her down. After Shoshanna was able to breathe again and calm down she opened up to me that she still wasn’t over him. That it had been a few months since they last talked but that accidental butt dial was enough to send her over the edge. I mean the timing couldn’t have been worse. You can’t write this stuff. After an hour or so of trying to calm her down, I told her I had to leave. I thanked her for the meal and the drinks and wished her luck with the whole ex situation. It was a very bizarre experience to say the least but I know not every date I go on is going to be a winner. She seemed like such a nice person and my only hope is that she’s able to get over her ex and find someone that will treat her right. As for me, I’m still trying to get ready for New York. This whole date a week experience has helped me to significantly put myself out there more and shoot my shot. And now that I’m moving to my own apartment, I know it’s only going to get easier, especially since I’ll have my own space. I’m hopeful for the future but who knows, maybe I’ve already met my soul mate and I don’t even know it yet.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Much like the Johnson and Johnson shot, this date was one and done.

Next Week: Doing a date a week this month has been such an incredible experience! It forced me to put myself out there and shoot my shot. I plan to keep up with dating just for myself and I’m excited to see where it takes me! Also I’m super excited for New York ;)


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