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June Date #4

Key Takeaways: Maybe snakes aren't so bad for Indy after all...


Name: Boa — his favorite animal is a snake, and he is super into nature!

Length of date: 7 hours

How the date was obtained: Tinder

Where: Ike's in Culver City & Kenneth Hahn Park

For my final Date-A-Week LA, I met up with a man from Tinder.

I should mention that I recently re-constructed my Tinder bio. I've learned from my past dates that it's best to be upfront with where I am and what I want, rather than trying to figure it out WHILE on a date. My previous bio ("Would you be willing to fulfill the Mrs. Clause with me and save Christmas?") wasn't accomplishing that, although it did check the "Allusion to Favorite Christmas Movie" box.

Here's what I changed it to: "Owner of both a dump truck personality and ass. Access to the latter is not guaranteed but I'm always down to grab coffee, lunch, drinks, or people-watch. Contact me for immediate words of affirmation and bits that go on for too long. I could be interested in sexy time too but I'm a scared little rat who's been watching too much Criminal Minds so please don't throw me in a ditch. I have dreams"

Hook, line, and sinker! Boa and I chatted for about a day before he invited me on a people-watching date in LA; I could tell from our conversation alone that we would hit it off pretty well! I was nervous about traveling so far to meet him (1.5 hours) when I barely knew him, but I ended up making the trek (making sure to share my location with 3 people, including the Isabel Klein of Date-A-Week fame).

Gotta love a woman's intuition. My date with Boa was FABULOUS. He bought me lunch and took me to one of his favorite picnic spots, showed me a card trick, made me cackle numerous times, and was consistently sweet and respectful. After our picnic at the park, we hung out at a house where he was dog-sitting for the week. I had such a lovely time with him that I did not end up leaving until pretty late. Kisses and cuddles were a bonus! ;)

Now, besides the chemistry, why did the date go so well? I think because of the low stakes. That's what I like most about Tinder; people aren't trying so hard to be perfect there. There are some folks who just want the sexy time (which I respect, but am terrified by), but there are also some people who just want to hang out and if something clicks, that's great. Boa is also moving upstate in a month, so our "relationship/situationship" has a pre-built time limit. That lowers expectations, too. Let's make the most out of our time together while we have it. I think this might be my first true summer fling... and it's going pretty well so far. Maybe snakes aren't so bad for Indiana Jones after all.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… We have already been on a second date, actually! He is planning to come to my zone this upcoming week.

Next Week: Another date with Boa!!


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