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An intentional, lighthearted, and empowering search for love

“Date-a-Week inspired me to not give up on dating, even during quarantine. And it worked out pretty well. I have a wonderful girlfriend and I’m so happy now.” - Evan

Don't you just love love? From those giddy first texts back and forth, to not being able to wipe a stupid grin off your face. Or that moment you realize you’re completely overwhelmed by affection, and they’ve found a little place in your heart. Cue the chorus of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”


The fact is, we all need love and crave meaningful connections, even in this digital age. No “like” on Instagram or “retweet” on Twitter is ever going to feel better than meeting face to face and seeing another person smile. 


Creating an authentic relationship isn’t easy. Swipes on dating apps, setups, or asking someone to just grab a cup of coffee can make your palms sweat and heart race. But here’s a thought: maybe you’re taking it too seriously. Maybe, you’re putting too much stock in every. Single. Solitary. Date. I know I was, and it was making me a nervous wreck! Enter the Date-a-Week philosophy: a perfect combination of intentional nonchalance! Sounds great, right? 

First things first: take a deep breath and relax. Did you do it? You did?! Okay, awesome. I love how we can be honest with each other. Second, I want this journey to make you feel good! So, I am going to take this very real and binding pledge: I, Isabel Klein, creator of Date-a-Week, promise to make this decision to amp up your love life lighthearted and fun! Hey, I’ve had over 40 dates, so you can surely schedule a couple. 

You may say, “Isabel, you seem super trustworthy (and entertaining), but why would I go on a Date-a-Week?” Good question, let me tell you. First, you’ll meet new people and become more at ease. You’ll have real activities to put on your calendar; you’ll get out of your head and out of your house! You may even find the love of your life. (Side benefit: your parents might stop pestering you to “just put yourself out there”)

The Date-a-Week philosophy is about being intentional and committed to meeting the right person and it’s worth the effort! While you don’t have to go on a date every single week, dating regularly takes the pressure off individual dates and offers you the freedom to be the most authentic version of yourself. There’s never been a better time to own who you are! It’s 2020, people! What have you got to lose? Having a Date-a-Week lowers the stakes, it gives you hope because if one date doesn’t work out there’s always another around the corner. The more people you date, the greater the odds you’ll meet someone you care about, who also cares about you. 

Prioritizing your dating life can lead to love, but the journey toward romance is just as important. Along the way, you can put down your phone, have in-person interactions, and become more comfortable in your own skin. Who doesn’t want that? 

The Date-a-Week philosophy offers an intentional, lighthearted, and empowering search for love.

Want to know how to do it? 

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