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About Date-a-Week

I’m Isabel Klein (, an LA-based actor who launched Date-a-Week to get more comfortable dating; aka to stop freaking out about it. To hold myself accountable, I started the blog: Date a Week LA. Tagline: 365 days, 52 dates, and 1 gal (me) trying to find love.

I’ve gone on a date every week since January 1st, 2020; even through this pandemic! In the process, I’ve gotten chained to a chair in an escape room, was hotboxed in a parking lot/bar, and soaked during a monsoon. I’ve met amazing men and came to realize my regular and intentional search for love has freed me to just be myself. Have I found love? Not love, yet, but I found serious like! Bow chicka wow wow.


Now I’m leading the charge for Date-a-Week! Lots of people are trying it and their heartwarming stories are on this website's blog. It’s time to add yours! Grab a seat on the love train, full steam ahead! 

On a personal note, when I’m not on a date or writing about a date, I can be found auditioning for “young/quirky girl”, performing with my improv crew, or drinking an iced, oat-milk vanilla latte (I live in LA, that’s a normal order here). And hey, (personal plug) hire me for your next creative project; I’ve had great training from RADA in London, Groundings in LA, Second City in Chicago and more. Here’s a link to my professional website:


Oh, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (isabel_klein). Comedy and improv are my specialties, so I definitely aim to entertain.


Answers to your most pressing questions

How much time do you usually spend on dating apps per day? Do you set a limit for yourself?

I usually don't spend more than 15-20 minutes on dating apps a day. I know there is a lot to look at and a lot to see, but I've found that the best matches for you are usually the first ones (I think that is the way their algorithms work). 

How many people are you usually messaging at one time? Do you continually match with people or pause when you are consistently messaging a couple people?

I am never messaging more than 7(ish) people at a time. Although at the beginning of my Date a Week LA journey, I was trying to match with anyone that had a pulse. Now I usually have around 3 people I'm talking to. Also, I always spend time responding to people that have chatted me, and then I spend some time swiping. This is different for the app The League because you only get 3 matches a day, but with Hinge and Bumble, I always swipe a little and talk a little. 

How much/how long do you usually message someone before you set a date with them?

I love this question because I have a really definitive answer. One thing my older sister suggested to me (btw she met her boyfriend of 3 years on a dating app) is that she had her Rule of 10. By the 10th message that was exchanged between her and the man she was talking to, there had to be plans in the making to meet up, or else she felt like the man wasn't serious about going on a physical date. I find this to also be true. I think 10 might be a little too hard and fast for me, but I think soon after you start talking, you should make plans to meet up or at least talk on the phone. This strategy also takes some of the pressure off the first date. I've found that after I've talked to a guy for a long time on a dating app, I can get to the date and not have that much to talk about! Also, there is so much build-up because you already know so much about the person so you can be more nervous. And we don't want you to be nervous about dating!

How much do you love love?

Great question… I love love a lot. 

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