Testimonials from Date-a-Week readers

Play the video above to hear about Katy and CJ's sweet story and how Date-a-Week brought them together. We are so happy for them! 

"Because of Date-a-Week, I am now in a relationship and am very happy and excited! I want to thank you so much for your inspiration and help, this really would not have happened without you!" - Linda

“I asked a guy on a first date because of this blog and it’s been going really well ever since.” 

“I’ll always see my dating life as before and after I read Date-a-Week. I’m not one for putting myself out there, but after reading week after week about how even if a date went awry there was always another one around the corner, I felt empowered. It normalized dating for me and made it seem less overwhelming. Sometimes we just need a little push, and that’s exactly what this new attitude toward dating has done for me.”  -Julia


“It has inspired me to be less fearful of dating. I’ve been trying to do a date a week.” 


“Reading about how Isabel navigated the world of dating empowered me to realize putting myself out there was not an act of desperation, but an act of bravery. I found myself commending her for her determination and openness and realized I too could have that if I put aside my preconceived prejudices and let myself try. Determined, I downloaded the infamous dating apps, talked with some great guys, and actually met someone that I’m still seeing today! Whether it’s for now or forever, Date-a-Week opened my eyes to a world where dating doesn’t have to be scary, and it started me on my own journey towards hopefully finding my own true love.” -Katy


“Date-a-Week LA (DAWLA) has inspired me to put myself out there on a dating app. Isabel's experiences helped me realize that dating could be fun and enjoyable. That I can go out on dates with no expectations. While I know I am ultimately looking for a relationship, I’m enjoying meeting new people and going to new places!” -Lauren


“Date-a-week was both jarring and self-educational. The proactive pursuit of dating will put you out of your comfort zone and force you to evaluate the way you interact with potential partners.” -Steven


“It inspires me to not settle, follow my instincts, and fully be myself.” 


“It hasn’t inspired me to proactively start dating quite yet, but it has definitely made me think more about dating and how it can be casual and just meeting/getting to know new people. It has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone in terms of starting conversations or making plans.” 

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