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Dating Resources

Dating Apps that I've used:


Bumble: Sales pitch: “We’ve made it not only necessary but acceptable for women to make the first move, shaking up outdated gender norms. We prioritize kindness and respect, providing a safe online community for users to build new relationships.”


Hinge: Sales pitch: “The dating app designed to be deleted.”


The League: This is one where you have to apply. Sales pitch: “We know your time is valuable, so tell us your preferences and we’ll handle the scouting — and the vetting — for you.”


Another tip for finding that special someone:

One helpful tip for finding a date-a-week is to tell friends and family that you’ve set a goal to go on a date every week. You may have a secret admirer. Or let the matchmakers have a chance to work their magic. Below are some downloadable graphics you can text to friends, or post on your social media which lets people know you’re open to dating and getting set up. 

Untitled design-62.png

Other ways to meet people:

One surefire way to expand your circle of friends is to tune in to the people around you. Look up from your phone, take out your earbuds. Strike up a conversation or be receptive to one! There are people already standing right in front of you at the store, in a park, at your health club, on your commute, at your workplace, even in an elevator, walking your dog, at a farmers market! The people around you often share your interests and can be geographically desirable to boot!


Find a noble passion and see who you meet! Volunteer Match helps connect you with nonprofits in your area which are focused on the things you care about. Maybe you’ll find a person you can care about, too! "It's a portal for volunteers to connect with the nonprofits, and in a way, it's its own search engine specifically for volunteer opportunities." is a resource for meeting people. There are many groups where people come together to find shared interests: Whatever kind of group activity interests you, you'll find it at Scroll through the various events in your city to find something that lights your fire, or type in your interest and see what's available. You'll find book clubs, networking groups, and social groups through.

Mashable has published an article with details about lots of dating apps. HERE is the link.


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Date ideas during COVID:


The Huffington Post has some novel ideas in THIS article.

From Self Magazine: 8 Cute Date Ideas to Try If You’re Tired of Staying Inside - HERE

THIS article from C/Net has 9 ideas to help you virtually date while social distancing. 

Advice about finding a person who’s a good fit:


Lifehack author Malcolm Smith offered some thoughtful advice in his article about relationships

Here are some of his observations: "Relationship is an appropriate word for those who might be falling in love. You have to be able “relate” to that person, or the possibility of falling in love quickly diminishes. The variety in people’s attitudes, preferences, lifestyles, or even physical attributes may expose the negatives in creating that relationship, but it also helps you choose the best partner."

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