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February Dates #3

First, I just wanted to say: Happy Valentine's Day. Whether you are with a special someone or by yourself today, remember that you are loved! And regardless of your relationship status, do something for yourself today! As Tom and Donna would say on Parks and Rec, "TREAT YOURSELF!" Get a frappachino, buy those things in your amazon cart, light that candle, drink champagne, go outside and breath some fresh air! Do what makes you happy - you deserve it! Sending you all a lot of love,


ALSO, while you're on that beautiful walk today, you can listen to my NEW PODCAST!!!

I am so excited to launch this podcast with my friend and former Date-a-Weeker, Ryan Opton! We talk about our best dates, worst dates, and the first episode is about Valentine's Day!! So, click HERE to listen on Spotify!

Now to the dates...

Taylor's Date #3

Key Takeaways: Not all first dates will be AMAZING and that's okay!


Name: Tony, because he is from New York and that is the first name I think of when I hear "New York"

Length of date: 1.5 hours

How the date was obtained: Hinge

Where: A coffee shop

I matched with Tony on hinge about a week ago, and we chatted for a while on the app before he asked me to continue our conversation over lunch or dinner. I agreed and was super excited to meet him in person. His pictures on hinge made him seem like a fun and goofy guy, which is what I feel like I lacked with Kurt. I stalked him on Instagram (as one does), and loved his content. He seems like the type of guy who has a lot of friends and doesn't really care what people think of him. We exchanged numbers and planned to get coffee Saturday morning.

I met Tony at the coffee shop and he greeted me with a hug, and was even cuter in person. I got a dirty chai, and he got a matcha latte and a breakfast taco (which he didn't end up eating because he felt bad eating in front of me, even though I wasn't hungry). Tony moved here from New York a couple months ago, which has been a dream of his and his buddie's for a few years. There are more outdoor activities here than in New York, and so that was the biggest pull for him. I was really impressed with all of his hobbies, which included film making, skiing and snowboarding, music production, and knitting beanies! His dream is to go into the film industry, but in the meantime, he would love to open a food truck with his friends, which sounds so fun. I think it’s rare to find people today who are SO passionate about so many things. I was so fascinated by his hobbie-filled life.

However, the conversation didn't flow as well as I anticipated. There were a lot of extended silences and it felt a little forced. I was bummed because I thought he and I shared a similar sense of humor, but we just didn't click as well in person as I had hoped. We wrapped up the conversation and left with a hug, and there was no mention of a "next time.” If he were to text me, I would for sure him another chance, but I don't think he will. I am new to dating, so I think it is important for me to learn that not all first dates will go as anticipated, and that's okay!

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I do not think a second date will happen, but I would be open to it!

Next Week: I have another hinge date lined up for next week!

Markell's Date #3

Key Takeaways: If someone uses the word “bloody” multiple times in a text, they may be from the UK.


Name: Eloise, because she’s from UK and it’s a great name!

Length of date: 2.5 hours

How the date was obtained: Tinder

Where: Coffee at The Point in Denver CO

My date with Eloise was hands down one of the most fun, spontaneous and cold dates I’ve ever been on. When Eloise suggested an outdoor coffee date in 0-degree weather, I didn’t flinch. What has Colorado done to me?

While we were texting, Eloise claimed that she was “better in person” and opted to go out sooner rather than later, which is always a better choice! But I was a little nervous about meeting. I noticed that my jokes over text weren’t landing and I wasn’t completely sure why, until I met her at the coffee shop. The second she opened her mouth I realized it: SHE WAS BRITISH! My American humor was lost on her half the time. Luckily, I must have been entertaining enough to get her on a date and out of her house. But, as soon as we got our coffees, Eloise realized it was too cold and wanted to go someplace warmer. So, she invited me to her apartment, mentioning that I didn’t give off any murder vibes – always a plus when you’re on a date with someone.

We sat on her couch as she shuffled through Netflix to find a show to watch. As we watched the shows go by, we got on the topic of anime. I should be specific: we got on the topic of Dragon Ball. I grew up on Dragon Ball and have basically loved it since birth and Eloise was talking about it as if she’d written it. I’m pretty selective about whom I talk about Dragon Ball with, but I let Eloise in.

I realized at an early age that anime is not everyone’s jam and I don’t like to by pushy with my interests, but Eloise wanted to talk about it. That’s one of my favorite things about being in a relationship: being able to invest in each other’s interests organically. As I get older, I realize how important it is.

We ended up watching a Dragon Ball film that came out a few years ago that she had yet to see. We loved it.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I had a lot of fun and Eloise also seemed to enjoy herself. We talked about planning something in warmer weather. I’d like to go on another date to see if she’s someone I want to invest more time in!

Next Week: I bought a premium account on Tinder (called a boost) and it has given me more matches than I anticipated. No complaints though! I have a few coffee dates planned for this next week, but it’s looking like it may be 3 dates a week from this point on.


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