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  • Emma

May Date #3

Key Takeaways: Diners are cozy and nostalgic, I like painting with people, hives suck.


Name: Drew - because we drew together.

Length of date: 5 hours :o

How the date was obtained: Hinge

Where: Cafe 50s

We met at a 50s diner on Melrose. He likes the comfort of coffee and I like the taste of french fries. The location was a solid compromise of dietary preferences. "You're cute" was the first thing out of my mouth. Ah! No! Why? That was supposed to stay in my brain. Apparently I'm still learning Keep It To Yourself 101.

Drew came in a sling because he had surgery on his wrist, so I sort of helped him with holding things and opening and closing doors. I thought it was adorable. He had also just gotten his second Covid shot and I had recently come away from a bout of hives, so Drew and I were like a crippled couple trying to be cute and normal.

We were texting for a week or two prior to the date, which I usually don't like to do because sometimes when you meet in person the banter runs dry. I didn't even save his number until after the date. I was too skeptical about how it would go. Turns out, it was nice and easy. We talked a lot about our families, having an easy day job, how to write a joke and his journey to LA from North Carolina.

Being at the diner was like eating in a museum. Posters of old 50s movies and advertisements crowded the walls.

At one point he said, "What a cool decade to be alive." I responded, "Yeah, aside from the Cold War, racism and misogyny, totally!"

We bonded over being left-handed, substitute teachers and artists. Drew is a really good painter. We went back to his place after (I drove) and we drank wine and painted. I met his housemates and his cat and dog and we listened to some Erykah Badu and Beatles.

Later into the night, I felt my body tense up because I was having an allergic reaction so I had to leave. We kissed. It was cool. I drove home itching my entire body, not from pleasure but from extreme discomfort. Weird end to the night, but I'd do it again. Next time without the hives.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I see myself going out with this person many times.

Next Week: We are aiming to hang out next week.


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