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May Date #1 + Intro to Emma!

Meet Emma Estrada!

Height: 5’8”

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Dating app(s) you’re using: Hinge

Job: Substitute Teacher

Looking for: nothing in particular

Last relationship: a year ago

Side note: Emma was featured on Date a Week The Podcast! She talks about sexy-time while living at home with her mom, bi-curiosity, and her date with a financial ANALyst.

Listen HERE!!!

Emma's Date #1

Key Takeaways: Calm dude, great vibes in North Hollywood, salmon tacos never disappoint.


Name: Andrew because it starts with A and his name starts with A.

Length of date: 2-3 hours.

How the date was obtained: Hinge

Where: Brews Brothers in North Hollywood

I felt great on the date. Andrew is a calm, relaxing dude. He's into spirituality which made it easy to connect with him because I too enjoy the spiritual realm. We talked a lot about presence, yoga and meditation. We walked to the Fish Grill and we got salmon tacos. He paid for the drinks at the bar and our dinner, which I liked. I'm a feminist, but I also like when people pay for me. It's a cool, nice gesture. I'm into it. I was pretty calm with Andrew, as calm as you can be on a first date. His presence made me feel at ease and I relaxed as much as I could. We talked a lot about his music and what he's about to release. I also brought up the issue of "what do you want from this?" which I think made him and I bond even more. He enjoyed the fact that I was transparent and communicative. He got out of a relationship during the pandemic so that was something to consider in terms of what I'm looking for, which is IDK. I told him I'm not looking for anything in particular and he agreed. It's difficult to claim what you want with someone so early into something. I also think one of the disadvantages of our meet cute were our personalities. We both seem introverted. Two introverts equal silence and awkwardness. I mentioned this to him and we discussed that humans are naturally awkward beings. Our introversion was a completely normal occurrence and actually tied into our awareness that "everything is connected." Would I see Andrew again? Yes. Would I be interested to know what goes through his head? Yeah. Would I have his kids? Jesus, chill out. I don't even know what I want for dinner.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I would see him again.

Next Week: We don't have any dates lined up. We met on Hinge. We still communicate through Hinge.


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