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March Dates #3

Luke's Date #3

Key Takeaways: I am a very spontaneous person.


Name: Kim because she kinda looks like Kim kardashian

Length of date: 6 hours

How the date was obtained: Clubhouse

Where: Rebel Republic in Redondo beach

A little while back, a friend of mine got me on clubhouse and although I’m still not entirely sure how it works, I get notifications all the time about rooms I might be interested in. Last week one room in particular caught my eye. It was a room called “singles only: shoot your shot.” So I opened it up and listened in and there were so many people in the room that I knew I’d never get the opportunity to speak. It was such a corny room too, whoever’s turn it was would give like a 30 second intro and then pick a random person in the room to essentially get permission to DM them. It was entertaining to say the least, but then I noticed there was a girl in the room who I met previously but didn’t really know. We follow each other on Instagram, so I figured instead of waiting for my moment in clubhouse I’d just slide straight into her DMs asking if she’d want to grab a drink. She said yes and I got excited! Kim was supposed to be my date last week but she’s in grad school and had to reschedule which I totally understand. Especially since she’s going to USC and I’m a Trojan for life baby! So we went out this week instead and had a really nice time. I picked her up at 8 and we went to the riviera village in Redondo Beach which is quickly becoming a favorite location of mine. We decided on a place called Rebel Republic and were able to get a table right away, which is pretty rare for a Friday night. And oh boy let me tell you, she is a talker! Loves to talk! But not in an annoying way where she cuts me off and only talks about herself, but in a cute way where she has a lot to say and it’s all relevant and fun to listen to. She also informed me that she is a very picky eater so after perusing the menu we just decided to share an order of fries while she also ordered a glass of Champaign and I had a Jameson ginger ale. That’s all we ordered the whole time but we stayed there talking all night until they had to kick us out. The conversation went all over the place from the bachelor to true crime and death row meals, to my friends who had asked her out in the past but she declined. It was a really fun time! Here’s the interesting part and why I said I’m a very spontaneous person. She brought up that when she’s done with this semester she wants to go to New York but none of her friends want to go with her. So of course I blurt out, “I’ll go with you!” At first she thought I was joking but I’ve been wanting to go to New York for a while now and honestly why not. Actually I’ve wanted to go back to New York ever since I went on my 8th grade trip when I was 13. So we talked about it and apparently the two of us are going to New York together in about 5 weeks! Oh and as for how the date ended? A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Apparently we’re going to New York together!

Next Week: A virtual date with my fellow date a weeker Sam (if she’s still down)

Sam's Date #3

Key Takeaways: Worth the risk of covid


Name: McConaughey - my favorite actor! (Round 2!)

Length of date: 3 hours

How the date was obtained: Second date from hinge!

Where: My house!

Don't be too alarmed from my key takeaway, I might not have covid, but I definitely got sick since our date... Anyways, McConaughey asked to hang out again and I was obviously stoked to see him since our last date went so well! He asked to make me dinner, but since his house still gives off basement frat vibes with stolen street signs and "patagucci" flags everywhere, I offered my house up. He came over and he was in charge of cooking the whole meal, and I was in charge of making the drinks, definitely more up my alley. We talked while he cooked and we had really good conversation! It's nice to feel a little more comfortable around him now, and there wasn't any awkward silence which is always a relief.

After dinner, we played one of my favorite games called "Do you know me?" It's a great bonding game to get to know someone way better! (perfect for a second date!) We were laughing quite a bit and had so much fun playing it, and I was honestly quite shocked how good of a time I was having. But then, I got a little ballsy when I made the first move to kiss him! I normally neverrrrr do this, but what the hell, I sent it! And i'm glad I did! Now I feel a lot closer to him and way more comfortable now that the first kiss is out of the way. FYI, he was a great kisser. I also had music playing the whole time on my speaker, and when this one fun song came on, he picked me up and started swirling me around like I was in some movie lol. Normally thats a little cheesy for me, but I won't lie, it was fun in the moment. Also, did I mention he was 6'3''?!

Anyways, as the night got later we had such a great time together but it was pretty late and we both had super early mornings so we called it a night. He already texted me the next morning saying how much fun he had, and we planned to hang out again today, but then I started feeling pretty sick this morning so I'm laying low and getting tested for covid just incase. But was it worth it? Absolutely.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Definitely hanging out again! We planned to hang out today before I got sick :(

Next Week: Hopefully a third date with McConaughey or a new guy!


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