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This is real. This is me.

My name is Isabel and I am single. It has been 5 years since my last relationship. Was that in high school? Yes. Was I in love? Yes, but what’s love got to do with it? So why now? Why put myself out there 5 years later? Well, here is my answer: For many of my twenty-three years, I was indifferent to being single. And, until recently, I was occupied with college. I was a diligent and determined student; consumed by tests, papers and drama (literally - I was a theatre major) at my small school with a dry campus. If there would’ve been a Channing-Tatum-level-of-hottie that came my way then I might’ve entertained the idea of being in a relationship. Sure, there were cute and sweet guys, but I never felt a special spark. So, when graduation came around, I was surrounded by my family, friends and no flames. But; after I graduated and moved to Los Angeles, I had a lot more free time – like a lot. I tried to fill my time with knitting, working out, and auditioning. But I realized that there has been a hole in my life – a man-sized hole. So, I’ve decided to take life by the balls – man-sized balls (I’m done with the “man-sized” jokes) and go on a date a week. I want to hold myself accountable, which is why I created this blog. Hopefully someone, besides my immediate family, reads and enjoys this journey. Who knows? Maybe I will go on all these dates and meet the love of my life. Maybe I will reach 2021 and realized I just went out with a bunch of weirdos or magicians. But I'm hopeful something good will come out of these dates and these people. THE FINE PRINT - question and answer style How will you arrange dates, Isabel? Good question. I’ll be using dating apps like Hinge and The League as a vehicle to meet men. I will also try events, like speed dating. Lastly, I will be set up on blind dates by friends and family. What about the guys, Isabel. What about their feelings? Reasonable question. I have given a lot of thought to this blog and the position that I not only put myself in, but all of these men I date. The goal is not to insult these men who generously say “yes” to going on a date with me. The goal is to chronicle my journey - think Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and The City blog (but this one will definitely include less sex). As selfish as this sounds, this blog is much more about me than it is about these men. It will be about what I learn from these experiences. I am sure there will be funny, uncomfortable and cringy things that happen. But I am also hoping there is joy, genuine connections and possibly love. Awww. What are you looking for, Isabel? You’re super nosy, but I’ll tell you. As you might be able to tell, I’m a specific type of person. I knit, I’m an actor, I like to nap, I don't like the sand, I don't drink alcohol (I'm allergic) and I write questions for myself to answer… I’m unique. So, I’m also looking for someone unique. Nothing too particular – Just a family oriented man, with Jason DeRulo-level-looks and John Mulaney-level-humor. Also, they’re a dog person, a John Mayer fan, outdoorsy type who also likes taking daily showers… Joking aside, I’m looking for someone driven, supportive, kind, generous and caring. How will you find the one, Isabel? These are hard questions. Jeez... I will be evaluating each guy based on several different categories. Including: - Driven - Funny - Caring - Responsible - Unique Will I be able to tell if they're driven, funny, caring, responsible, unique and John Mayer fans on the first date? Glass half full everybody, glass half full. Is this post almost done, Isabel? YES. In conclusion, I’d love for you to follow me on this journey. 365 days, 52 dates and 1 gal trying to find love.


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