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September: Dates #3


Key Takeaways: Bullfighting is sad, but not that sad.


Name: Rodolfo. Not his real name, but he is a (non-violent) bullfighter. I googled ‘bullfighter’ and there was Rodolfo Gaona.

Length of date: 2.5 Hrs

How the date was obtained: A mutual friend set us up!

Where: Zócalo in Folsom, CA

When my friend found out I was doing DAW 2.0, she reached out and asked if I’d be willing to be set up with someone. Normally, my answer would be like “definitely… maybe… let me think about it… ok, I overthought about it for 3 days, my answer is no… I think.” I feel unnecessary pressure when being set up on a date. You don’t want to let the matchmaker down. But this particular friend is super cool and Isabel told me I needed to date every week, so there was no room to overthink.

My friend told Rodolfo I was doing a ‘dating challenge’ and sent him a picture of me. I personally would run like hell if I heard some dude was trying to score 5 dates in one month, but Rodolfo was a true gentleman. He texted to formally ask me out on a date, called me a few days before so we could start to get to know each other, made the reservations, and drove an hour and a half to pick me up at my house (where my parents also live) and take me to dinner. Rodolfo is an honorary member of the Portuguese community in California in which I have many friends and have dated a few guys, so I knew I’d feel comfortable with him even if I didn’t relate to his lifestyle.

The night started with Margaritas on the rocks, which we both agreed was the only appropriate way to enjoy the tequila delicacy. Rodolfo is a Correctional Officer and I instantly noticed it was difficult for him to relax. He was constantly scanning the restaurant (which was actually a few twinkly light tents in a parking lot). I lightly mentioned it, and it opened up an informative conversation about the toll a job in law enforcement can take on an individual. He had a deep level of self-awareness, knowing that while he can’t just turn off his training, he works very hard to make sure he doesn’t drag his work into his personal life. Some people lose marriages and relationships with their children because they struggle to cope with the stress of their careers. I also learned a little bit more about bullfighting. I have to be honest… still not on board with it. But apparently they don’t tie up the bull’s male parts to make him angrier. The bulls are actually just scared because they’re separated from their pack. :( So that was a misconception on my part. My bad!

The night ended with Churros and Ice Cream. Ideal on all levels for me.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I’m not sure Rodolfo and I would be compatible partners. But I genuinely appreciated the opportunity to spend time with someone who has a completely different lifestyle and perspective than me. I’m realizing the value of dating outside of your type to learn more about yourself and what you need in a partner.

Next Week: My first ever Hinge date… with an Orthopedic Surgeon. Either the best or worst idea I’ve ever had!


Key Takeaways: Unhinged = sexy


Name: The Goodwill Cashier

Length of date: Two and a half hours

How the date was obtained: Asked her out as I was checking out at Goodwill.

Where: The park

I swear, I usually don’t ask out customer servicers as they’re doing their job. But this Goodwill cashier was just too fine. Like, “Why are you working at Goodwill?” fine. She was short and artsy looking, we got to talking about the currently subpar art selection. 

Me: “I’m trying to decorate my apartment with a bunch of cool-looking record sleeves, but I couldn’t find anything good.” 

Her: “Yeah, you gotta get here early for the good stuff...Do you do music?” she asked. 

Me: “Uh, kinda. Do you?”

Her: “Yeah, I’m a singer. I do, like, neo-soul.” 

Wow. So cool! Thanks to Date a Week, I felt emboldened to shoot my shot. So, I went ahead and wrote my number down on the receipt. It was so smooth and not weird at all, I swear.

A day or so later I receive a text. See! I told you it wasn't weird! We got to texting a little, and then next thing I know we’re meeting up. 

Since the Goodwill Cashier and I shared an affinity for herbal inhalation, we quickly agreed to partake together. At first, it was cool. We were “vibing” as they say, talking and listening to music as the paper burned. 

Then we got into some heavy shit about the current state of the Union, (always a fun topic) and she shared her unique perspective as a biracial woman. I did my best to empathize but really IAWNO [Isabel side note - I think IAWNO means "I don't know."]

The Goodwill Cashier was a breath of fresh air: a very free spirit that hated the idea of participating in the “capitalist machine.” On one hand, I felt her. But on the other, I gotta get this bread. [bread = money]

Overall Experience:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ She was a vibe

The future for us: She was very cool and very attractive. But also, I came to find out that she was only 19. Which is fine! Not illegal at all! But I think it was clear that we were in different stages of our lives...I think we best go our separate ways. 

Next Week: working on it


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