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September: Dates #2


Key Takeaways: FaceTime dates are the best because you can stuff your face full of garlic and still feel convinced you’re oozing sex appeal.


Name: Peeta, which is not his real name, but he sent me this meme when he heard I was doing DAWLA 2.0

Length of date: 2 hours

How the date was obtained: He volunteered as tribute

Where: FaceTime. He’s in Los Angeles. I’m in Northern California, 350 miles away

Peeta graduated from the same theatre program I did, about 7 years before me. Upon graduating, I started working for the Senior Vice Chancellor of my alma mater and one of my responsibilities was fundraising and networking for the theatre department. This is where Peeta comes in. I can’t remember why we had a business meeting exactly, but I do remember he was far too excited about the parking spot I reserved for him in front of our admin building. Parking spots are as pricey as beachfront property at our school… literally. I learned on our date that Peeta had wanted to ask me on a date since that day almost 4 years ago, but didn’t want to freak me out. I told him he should have, but if I’m being honest, I wasn’t ready to date anyone during that season of life, let alone someone 7 years older than me.

Despite becoming good acquaintances over time, I can’t say I knew too much personally about Peeta before this date. But I felt at ease knowing we’d have loads of common interests to discuss. I took my calm, collected energy to the kitchen and whipped up a ‘Hot Honey Crispy Chicken & Garlicky Dirty Rice’ dinner from my Blue Apron Box (use code DateAWeek15 for 15% off your first order)… JK, but I feel strongly that Isabel should be #sponsored. Anyways, on to the date…

I was pleasantly surprised by the whole evening! Peeta was in his home office, wearing a suit jacket and polo shirt (though that doesn’t surprise me at all). We talked about our love of theatre, our respective study abroad trips to Scotland, mutual friends, our religious backgrounds, our desire for a family, our perspectives on the MCU movies, and just about everything else. Though I’m not sure I felt any warm fuzzies, I imagined how fun dating Peeta would be. He has so many things I’m looking for: common interests, really strong character, a stable job, he was recently in a Nicolas Cage movie about demon robots… what’s not to love? But if I’m being totally honest, I have no plans or desire to move back to Los Angeles. I see my life where I am, at least for now. Peeta knows that, and I think the date was still well worthwhile for both of us.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Possibly another date. Peeta asked if I’d like to talk again soon and I said yes. Though I don’t think it will lead to a relationship, I really enjoyed his company and conversation.

Next Week: A good ol’ fashioned set up by a sweet friend! Also, I promise I haven’t just been making fun of the oddities on dating apps and actual Hinge dates are on the way.


Key Takeaways: I suck


Name: Wendy Peffercorn because she's a (former) lifeguard

Length of date: Two and a half hours

How the date was obtained: She reached out

Where: My apartment

Date number two actually wasn't a "first" date. It was the third date. Originally, Wendy reached out to me, replying to my Instagram story. We got to talking and I told her that I'm currently living in her neck of the woods. Then she's like, "You've been here all this time and you haven't asked me to show you the spots?" So then I'm like, "Whoops. Sorry. Show me the spots!" 

So, we got together and she showed me a spot. Then, we had a couple of drinks, I talked too much in an effort to fill the silence, said some dumb things, etc. We enjoyed ourselves. 

Then, a couple of weeks pass and we go out again. This time I meet her at the place where she bartends. She gave me some free drinks, and then we went out and about. Again, we had a good time. The date came to an end, I walked her to her car, opened up the door to thereby end our evening. But, then the moon hit her eye like a big pizza pie, I felt a little bit of amore, and we fricking snogged. 

Then she looked at me confused and said, "Wait. I thought you weren't into me?"

Then I made what I can only assume was the dumbest face in the world and did this:

The truth is, I wasn't sure if I was into her. Maybe I'm a flippant kisser.

So, while I was still unconvinced about how I felt about her, I asked her out again. Originally because I needed to fulfill my Date a Week quota. But did I tell her that? Absolutely not. Do I kinda suck? Yes. Probably. 

This time she came to my place where I cooked some surprisingly-bomb tacos for us. We had dinner and a few Modelos in my little studio apartment and, again, it was a nice time. She mused how wild it was that we were kicking it all these years since we worked together and I was all like: 

Then we took a stroll around the neighborhood and as I dropped her off at her car we kissed, again. I had the feeling that's what she was looking for - and being the flippant kisser I am, I went for it.

Overall Experience:


The future for us… I enjoy her, but I'm thinking my heart ain't really in it and I don't want to lead her on. F***. I suck.

Next Week:  I'm going out with a girl whose car I accidentally bumped into. Lol for real, I suck.


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