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  • Isabel

October Daters: Christine and Ryan


Age: 32

Height: 5’11”

Location: West Hollywood

Dating apps she's using: bumble

Job: artist (actor, writer, filmmaker, experience curator)

Looking for: She doesn’t know yet but probably a relationship if she finds the right guy.

Last relationship: a year ago with a rebound guy she "should never have dated". Relationship lasted for 4 months.


(who has decided to stay anonymous)

Age: 23

Height: 5’11” (but if a female is asking, 6’0”)

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA

Dating apps he’s using: Bumble and Hinge

Job: Unemployed, he's "desperately looking for work"

Looking for: "something casual, but wouldn’t be opposed to something more serious with the right person. Ideally, someone aged 21-25 within 15-20 miles who is “fine like a ticket on the dash” and has a good sense of humor. Preferably someone who isn’t a serial killer. Also hoping to get better at using dating apps because so far it’s been painful conversations about dogs and The Office."

Last relationship: 2-year relationship ended during COVID


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