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December Daters: Ryan and Skylar

It's the beginning of December and you know what that means... NEW DATERS! I couldn't be more excited about LA's most eligible bachelor and bachelorette! I know their journeys will be entertaining, thought-provoking, and fun! So, please give a warm, Date-a-Week welcome to Ryan and Skylar!!

Ryan's Vitals

Side note: This is not the same Ryan as Ryan Gosling (he went under a pseudonym) from the October and November dates. This is a brand new Ryan!

Age: 24

Height: 5 ft 11.5 (I'm not a liar; I won't claim 6)

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA

Job: I'm pursuing standup comedy, but I'm over-employed in the meantime. Assistant to 2 different talent agents, assistant to a wedding coordinator, receptionist at a spa, tour guide, OTHER.

Apps Being Used: Hinge, Tinder, and Grindr (which is just the worst, I swear--I've seen some truly ancient penises I have NOT asked for. But it's also the most active for gay men)

Looking for: Honestly, I'm not sure. Something serious? Something casual? Friends? A Canadian shaman told me my soulmate is arriving soon, so *maybe* that? (She also introduced me to a dead relative. A story for another time.)

Last relationship: 18 months and ended at the start of November. Doing Date-a-Week is SUPER intimidating 'cause honestly, I'm not sure where my head is at the moment. But what is modern life except a series of mistakes made publicly on the internet? And I think it could be healthy for me to just try it.

Skylar's Vitals

Age: 23

Height: 5’6

Location: Culver City

Job: Veterinary Kennel Manager

Apps Being Used: Bumble and Hinge

Looking to: Expand my comfort zone, combat dating anxiety, and hopefully come away with a good story or two.

Last relationship: Haven’t really had one.

A HUGE thank you to Ryan and Skylar for taking this leap of faith and joining the Date-a-Week team! You can look forward to their first posts on Sunday!

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