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October Dates #5

First, Ryan (from October Date-a-Week) will be continuing his Date-a-Week journey into November! I loved his insights and am curious to see how doing a date-a-week for another month will affect his dating life and his dating choices. He has a post from his crazy, party-filled Halloweekend, which is separate from this post. So, click HERE to read about his truly wild shenanigans.

Second, please welcome Date-a-Week's other dater for November and most eligible bachelorette: Jess! I went to college with Jess and I want to say that she is one of the most generous, mature, and kind people I've ever met. Anyone would be LUCKY to date her. In fact, if you want to date the beautiful Jess, message me and I will set you two up!

Name: Jess Dimaano

Height: 5'5"

Location: West LA

Dating apps she's using: Bumble & Hinge

Job: Data Analyst

Looking for: If she meets a good person, she is unopposed to a serious relationship. Otherwise, she's just pumped (and a little nervous, she won't lie) to meet new people!

Last Relationship: Ended a year ago and lasted 1.5 years.


Key Takeaways: It was a good date, but he is too young to make it serious and I need an artistic connection with someone. Maybe we can just be friends?


Name: River because he had an easy gliding vibe to him, like the Seine in Paris

Length of date: 3.5 hours

How the date was obtained: Bumble

Where: Zinqué in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), then we walked around DTLA and got take out sushi at Sakana and ate at his apartment 

River was really nice, cute, and smart. Before we went to a bar in DTLA I was struggling to find parking. So, he let me use his parking spot at his apartment, which was really thoughtful. When he walked up I thought: WOW you are taller and cuter than your profile photos! He had a nice style; I mean he lived in Paris for a long time so of course, he dressed well. The conversation was pretty solid. He asked a lot of questions and seemed to be interested in my artistic projects, which is important to me. He had a cocktail and I had a mocktail and we had to discuss the sober thing for a while, which I find to be annoying and boring because... why is not drinking something that has to be discussed and validated? But, maybe he just hasn’t been on dates with sober people? And, he is fairly European and they have a different mentality. He seemed to not mind my mocktail and said he was “impressed by my discipline" - ok, sure. Then walked around DTLA and got take-out sushi and ate at his cool apartment. His roommate was a really nice, normal, and creative guy, which always bodes well for someone - when they have cool friends. Then, he asked if he could give me a little kiss and I said yes so we had a little kiss which was sweet. It felt safe and nice and agreed upon. 

I should have reviewed the age and profile details before going on a date because I found out after the date he was 27 (even though he said he was 28 on his profile). It was a bit of a turn off as I want to be with somewhere closer to my own age (32). So, now I’m going to change my age range for guys on bumble to 30-35.

I realized through my time of doing Date a Week, that I want to be with another artist. River was very smart, but his main focus is math and quantitative tools, which is HOT to me (intelligence is one of my fav qualities). But I think I’d be more suited to someone who has an artistic passion. They don’t have to be a full-time artist, but they need to have an ongoing creative endeavor they are pursuing. 

Overall Experience:


The future for us… Hopefully, we can be friends and maybe do a couple more casual dates, play some volleyball, and hang as buddies versus pursuing a serious relationship.

It's me, Isabel, now!

I just want to say a huge (and public) "thank you" to Christine for doing Date a Week. I can't wait to see what she does in the future! I know it will involve big things!

Much love and gratitude, Isabel


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